Artist Wendy Tsao Turns Children's Drawings Into Stuffed Animals With 'Child's Own' (PHOTOS)

Artist Wendy Tsao turns kids' drawings into one-of-a-kind stuffed animals. She stumbled upon the idea when her four-year-old son when he needed a "comfort toy" to bring with him to school. Instead of buying one, Tsao decided to get crafty. She used one of her son's old drawings and turned it into an adorable plush toy. Her child fell in love with the toy immediately, recognizing it as his former friend. Thus "Child's Own" was born.


Beautifully playing the role of artist-meets-fairy-godmother, Tsao says on her website she aims to make "each [toy] as unique as the child who drew it." Princesses, robots, weird lumpy worm things... no imaginary creature is left unstuffed. Tsao keeps a blog of all her creations, often with descriptions from the parents of their little original artists. Some kids even name their creatures, like a girl named Maya who bequeathed her bunny with the inscrutable moniker, "Stobbayew."

Check out some of our favorite work below, but get ready to wait in line for your own version. With Tsao's recent buzz and rapidly expanding waitlist, by the time your kid gets their stuffed animal they may have gone through puberty.

Child's Own