Wendy Whelan - A National Treasure


There's just something about Wendy.


I never really had such all-access permission to follow such a star here on campus at Jacob's Pillow. Wendy Whelan let me in her dressing room and while warming up in the Bakalar Studio, allowed me to photograph her performance from backstage...and always with a smile. She's easy to work with and really trusted me. I was grateful for the whole experience.

Ella Baff introduced her before every performance as a National Treasure, and that's the perfect description. There's a reason she's a superstar. She is just captivating.


My wife Nel was featured in a PillowTalk titled "The Art of Promotion," focused on using film to promote dance. Wendy made a cameo appearance at the talk, and you can see the affinity they have for one another. They have tremendous respect for each other and it has been a wonderful collaboration.

It was a fun week for me, and I wanted to make these images as a gift for Wendy -- to commemorate such a momentous and important engagement for her.

Wendy Whelan- A National Treasure

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