Wendy Williams Responds To Controversy Over Her Comments About Bruce Jenner

Wendy Williams wants you to know that she really is happy for Bruce Jenner.

The daytime talk show personality stopped by HuffPost Live this week and discussed the recent controversy surrounding her comments about the reality star and former Olympian Jenner.

Williams came under fire last month when she made offensive comments about Jenner and speculated about his gender identity. Now, Williams wants people to know that those comments were not intended to be hurtful.

"I don't know what Bruce is going through but I'm happy for him because there's got to be nothing worse in a person's life then to not be able to live in their own truth," she told HuffPost Live. "Whether you're gay, whether you're transgender -- whatever. Whatever it is."

Williams also discussed her relationship with the LGBT community, the sincerity of which has been questioned due to this controversy and others before it.

"People hear what they want to hear, not what was actually said," she remarked. "Listen, I'm a friend to a lot of communities. You know, I call things as I see them and that's that."

Check out the clip above to hear more or head here to watch the segment in whole.



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