Wendy Williams To Meghan Markle: 'Nobody Feels Sorry For You'

The talk show host didn't have much sympathy for the Duchess of Sussex and her hardships as a new mom in the public eye.

Wendy Williams doesn’t think anyone should feel sorry for Meghan Markle.

The talk show host went on a tear Tuesday about the Duchess of Sussex, showing viewers a now-viral clip of Markle talking with ITV for the documentary “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey,” which premiered on Sunday.

The clip shows Markle speaking candidly about how she balances her life as a celebrity with her mental health and the reality of being a new mom.

“Look, any woman, especially when they are pregnant, you’re really vulnerable and so that was made really challenging,” Markle told ITV “News at Ten” anchor Tom Bradby. “And then when you have a newborn — you know ... especially as a woman, it’s a lot. So you add [media attention] on top of just trying to be a new mum or trying to be a newlywed.”

Markle also thanked Bradby for showing concern for her health.

Many have come out in support of Markle for showing vulnerability in the interview, but Williams was not having it. During her “Hot Topics” segment, Williams said Markle “knew what you were signing up for.”

“Meghan, nobody feels sorry for you,” said Williams. “You knew exactly what you were doing. And I applaud her plot-ation on the royal situation. But please, don’t try to garner sympathy from us. You knew what you were doing.”

Williams went on to implore Markle and husband, Prince Harry, to move to America to get away from the British tabloids.

“Why not? I mean, move to America and live part time in Africa like you want to do,” explained Williams. “You have to still go back to England. The thing about moving to America is, you’re really kicking the royal thing out of your life. So have a place in all three places. Have a mansion in Malibu, a big hut ― I’ve never been to Africa, I don’t know ― a big hotel or wherever you’re gonna live in Africa and then have your royal palace-esque-type place in England.”

The 55-year-old later added that she likes Markle and Prince Harry, but that Markle shouldn’t be “surprised that the paparazzi are everywhere.”

“Of course, because you’re now a royal. They weren’t following you when you were on ‘Suits,’” she said, referring to Markle’s past life as an actor on the TV series. “We didn’t even know who you were except when you came for employment here at ‘Wendy’ and wanted to be one of our runway models.”

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