Wendy's Throws Serious Shade On Carl's Jr. In 1 Delicious Tweet

Once again, Wendy's drops the mic on its fast food competition.

Another fast food chain tried to start a Twitter beef with Wendy’s and, once again, got thrown in the metaphorical meat grinder.

It started innocently enough on Tuesday, when a man named Andrew Morgan sent Wendy’s a tweet asking how it compared to Carl’s Jr., which was also tagged.

Carl’s Jr. responded within minutes.

Wendy’s didn’t immediately reply, probably to lull the Carl’s Jr. social media team into a false sense of complacency.

However, when Wendy’s did respond about half a day later, it was the social media equivalent of bringing an AK-47 to a knife fight.

As of Friday afternoon, Wendy’s tweet had more than 10 times the comments of the Carl’s Jr. tweet, 100 times the retweets and 56,000 more likes.

You’d think fast food companies would learn to think twice about starting a Twitter war with Wendy’s.

The burger chain has repeatedly proven itself to be the snark champion on the platform.

Back in April, Wendy’s destroyed Hardee’s ― which is owned by the same company as Carl’s Jr. ― after two Twitter users began debating which fast food restaurant had the best “4 for $4” deal (four items for four dollars).

One person said Hardee’s was better, causing the chain’s Twitter account to chime in with “Amen.”

But when another person tagged the Wendy’s account to join the conversation, the beef got serious.

In March, Wendy’s chewed up and spit out McDonald’s (metaphorically, that is) when Mickey D.’s announced it will start using fresh beef instead of frozen patties in Quarter Pounder burgers next year at most locations.

In January, 2016, Burger King learned Wendy’s can be a royal pain when it tried to tout a five-item-for $4-special.

Twitter user @bguerns ― who has since made her account private, then tweeted at Wendy’s asking, “What are you firing back?”

Wendy’s only needed a two-word tweet before dropping the mic.

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