Hungry, Angry Wendy's Customer Bites Employee: Cops

Where's the beef?

Chew on this: A woman in Richmond, Virginia, has been charged with malicious wounding after police said she bit a Wendy's employee on the left knee.

The beef happened Monday night when Lovely Robinson allegedly became angry after receiving the wrong order, according to

Police said the 28 year old woman ordered food in the drive-thru lane. She was asked to pull her vehicle forward because the order wasn't finished, according to

A Wendy's worker brought out the order, but there apparently was a mistake.

Robinson followed the worker back inside and demanded the correct order, police said.

Wendy's manager Latanya Nelson, the victim, said Robinson was the angriest customer she'd ever seen.

"She came in cursing and said I'll come across the counter. So I said, ‘OK.’  She jumped over, so I defended myself," Nelson told "She didn't have me in size, but she had heart I'll give her that. I told her you can't be in here. You gotta go."

Apparently, Robinson had a real appetite for destruction. Nelson said the two were tussling near the fryer when Robinson bit down on her left knee, leaving a huge bite mark.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested Robinson.

Robinson is also accused of intentionally damaging property, preventing law enforcement from making an arrest, and trespassing, according to multiple sources.

Nelson didn't let the biting slow her down. She was at work the next day, according to