Apparent Wendy's Employee Probably Loves Ice Cream Too Much (PHOTO) (UPDATE)

Move over, taco licker. There’s a new semi-disturbing visual in town.

Yes, a photo has surfaced on Reddit of what appears to be a Wendy’s employee taking some Frosty ice cream straight to the mouth.

We’ll let the photo do the talking:

wendys ice cream

Bob Bertini, a spokesperson for Wendy’s, told The Huffington Post that if the photo is real, it is "totally inexcusable," adding, "We're investigating and will take action."

In a tweet early Friday, Wendy's said the employee is no longer with the company:

Is two a trend? If so: TREND ALERT. Perhaps you remember a certain Taco Bell employee who was fired earlier this month after a photo of him slapping his tongue onto a stack of taco shells found its way onto the Internet.

Here’s that photo:

taco bell worker licking

UPDATE: This post has been updated to include a tweet by Wendy's.