Lightning Smites Florida Wendy's, Employee Claims Restaurant Not Cursed

We always knew those square burgers were an abomination.

A dramatic video taken during a Sunday thunderstorm shows the sky flashing red as lightning strikes terrifyingly close to a Wendy’s restaurant in Gainesville, Florida.

Hollin Hoffman, 25, told The Huffington Post he works across the street and took the video during a slow day, but he was only expecting to see “maybe a thunder crash or a little lightning bolt in the distance.”

Wendy’s assistant manager Matthew Keller told HuffPost that the lightning strike temporarily knocked out the restaurant’s phones, but otherwise the only damage was a little burnt grass.

Hoffman speculated that the location may be cursed, since the next day there was a car crash just outside the building.

Keller doesn’t believe it. “There’s no such thing as curses, right?” he said.