We're Asking Again: Do You Feel Called to Enter the Arena?

We're Asking Again: Do You Feel Called to Enter the Arena?
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Are you a military veteran or an alumnus of a civilian service program like AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or a related experience? At this critical moment for our democracy, are you wondering if you might feel called to seek political office as a next step in your personal service journey?

If that question is alive at all in your own soul, we invite you to join us for our next round of Answering the Call. If you know of a servant leader grappling with this question, we hope you’ll help us spread the word.

Answering the Call is an initiative of the New Politics Leadership Academy, an organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting America’s servant leaders in running for elected office. We believe that citizens who have already had the experience of serving our country through the military or a civilian service program are America’s proven change-makers. Through working at the front lines or the grassroots, they have learned how to serve a cause large than self, how to work with diverse peers, how to operate with humility and courage; how to make real change happen.

Answering the Call is our program focused on recruiting these proven servant leaders to become more politically engaged. It’s not a traditional training or a motivational seminar; rather, it’s a small-group reflective learning journey in which participants are invited to achieve clarity within themselves about whether they feel called to pursue politics. After an initial pilot last February and a scale pilot this past November, we’ve refined this unique and innovative approach to recruitment. The results from our recent round of programs in Boston, DC, LA, and virtual cohort were promising: 90% of participants agreed that they were able to achieve personal clarity about their own sense of calling, and 40% emerged saying that they planned to run for office within the next five years.

It’s tested, it powerful, and we’re ready to invite even more people to participant. Our next round of Answering the Call will occur in February 2017. We’ll be running programs in the following cities:

*Boston, MA *Charleston, SC *Charlotte, NC *Chicago, IL *Dallas, TX *Denver, CO *Detroit, MI *Houston, TX *Jacksonville, FL *Los Angeles, CA *Milwaukee, WI *Nashville, TN *New York, NY *Philadelphia, PA *Washington, DC.

We’ll also run a Virtual Cohort for up to 20 individuals located in other cities who want to participate.

Interested in learning more? Check out our website for more information, and click here to apply for the program. The deadline for applying is Wednesday, January 18th.

If you are a military veteran or an alum of a civilian service program living in one of these cities, we hope that you’ll considering applying. If you know of any servant leaders in these cities, we invite you to help spread the word in your networks.

Now more than ever, Americans need leaders whom they can look to as examples of public service done right. At this point, we have proven that we know how to recruit and support servant leader to effectively run for office, and we’re ready to scale up our efforts.

Do you feel called to run for office? If that question resonates at any level for you, we hope you’ll join us for our next round of Answering the Call in February!

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