We're Finally Getting A Hijab Emoji

And a breastfeeding emoji! And a merperson emoji! And a sandwich!

Emojis are one of life’s small pleasures and, on November 10th, they got a whole lot more inclusive.

During its 149th meeting, the Unicode Consortium approved 56 new emojis we may be able to send our friends, lovers, and everyone in between soon.

The new additions to our emoji keyboards were crafted after many people submitted proposals to the consortium over the past year.

Some of the new emojis include: a person wearing a hijab emoji, a breastfeeding emoji, and a genderless person.

We also enjoy the people sitting in the lotus position, the cut of meat, the sandwich, the T. rex, the merperson and the man with a monocle.

There are also a plethora of new emoji faces, like “face with hand covering face,” “grinning face with crazy eyes,” “shocked face with exploding head,” and “face with open mouth vomiting.”

The new emoji will be included in Unicode 10, the latest version of the character set, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Now, there’s no guarantee smartphone companies will add these emojis to their updates, but we certainly hope they will.

Check out the full list here.

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