We're Here! We're Queer And Financially F*able!


Remember your disco days? Those nights in the clubs filled with shirtless guys and tank topped girls dancing until you were sweaty and worked into a sexual frenzy? Remember looking across the dance floor for that right connection, the one who'd said, "Yes. You're the one! You're extra f*able, and I want to take you home!" Those were the days. Of course, they may still be the days for many of us.

We looked forward to those nights. We spent hours at the gym, ran laps around the park, did more laps around the mall, all so we would be "that one." The goal was to either attract attention or appeal to those trying to attract attention. It was fun wasn't it?

We'll be honest. We were both at the top of a few lists, long before the inevitable sidewalk sale. We were "lucky," at least that's what we thought back then.

A Different Kind of Dance Card

One of the things we both learned then was how easily we could get distracted by a good time and missing life's opportunities. It was during those days that we piled on debt and became the financial nightmares. We ended up in a basement apartment with $51,000 in credit card debt and a bleak future.

We paid off our $51,000 in credit card debt and are now on a mission to help the queer community be stronger by becoming financially stronger.

Don't get us wrong. We still love to look at hot bodies and want ours the same, but today we know there's another kinda sexy we want more. The sexy that says, "I am a financial catch, too."

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