We're Not Quite Done With Herringbone Yet

If you know how to keep herringbone subtle and classy, you're totally within your style rights to keep it coming!
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The 2015 home decor trend predictions say that herringbone and other linear designs are on their way out. Well, we don't agree! If you know how to keep herringbone subtle and classy, you're totally within your style rights to keep it coming! In fact, in these 10 home decor situations, we recommend -- we insist -- you go herringbone, for spot-on stylish.

1. When it's paired with a soft color palette
Photo via Hometalker Heidi @Honeybear Lane

I mean, how could anyone ever think this would go out of fashion!

2. When it's solid-colored tile
Photo via Hometalker Stephanie @Simply Swider

Tile is always in, and you have to stack it somehow -- herringbone just makes it more interesting.

3. When it's an accent piece
Photo via Hometalker Allison @The Golden Sycamore

If you have a piece this interesting, you've got to make sure it stands out!

4. When it's just a splash of detail
Herringbone and Wood via Hometalker Benja @Howdy Honey

The best part about this creative herringbone design? So subtle, yet so effective!

5. When it's ombre (double decor power!)
Photo via Hometalker Ashley @Simply Designing

Some how, these two loud trends balance each other perfectly and create just the right amount of beautiful detail!

6. When it's seasonal
Photo via Hometalkers Bridget and Casey @The DIY Playbook

When fall colors are involved, everything is right, but herringbone is especially spot-on.

7. When it's thin and unobtrusive
Photo via Hometalker Alicia @Thrifty & Chic

This chic wall design is basically just stripes. But fancy. Like beadboard.

8. When it's an interesting background
Photo via Hometalkers Erin and Dan @DIY Passion

Herringbone is the perfect pattern to brighten up those little nooks.

9. When it's clean and framed
Photo via Hometalker Alicia @Thrifty & Chic

First, it's wood, so it's glorious. Second, stained and framed, this wall art is both interesting and beautiful -- wall decor win!

10. When it's the room's central design
Photo via Hometalker Ashley @Simply Designing

With white walls and white details, a little bit of herringbone might be just what you need to give a space some character!

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