We're Nurses. #WeGotThis

Dr. Kamila AlexanderAt the Hopkins School of Nursing, we had something big to say for the entire profession. We wanted to tell the story of nursing's continuous growth and evolution to meet ever-greater health care challenges even as ours remains the most trusted profession on earth. We wanted to shout for all to hear: #WeGotThis.

But it couldn't be just us talking (or shouting) about us. Otherwise, how could we spread the word to every nursing institution, school, and association as well as the general public? Success would have to mean, essentially, making something great, then giving it away.

And so, here you go: "The New Script of Nursing." The video is part of a campaign to present a more realistic and contemporary view of nursing--researchers, innovators, risk takers, policy makers, inventors. "The New Script" will be followed by a set of video vignettes that more specifically address these other aspects of modern nursing that go beyond the bedside.

Dr. Jason Farley

Please, share it around. Watch it yourself first, of course, even if you're not a nurse. Again, we purposely did not brand this as a Johns Hopkins piece because the message will go farther and have greater impact on advancing the profession if other nursing institutions, schools, and associations can simply share it around. Who knows? It might open the eyes of someone in another profession to the possibilities of nursing. Or it might broaden the mind of a nursing student who is on the fence about where nursing could take them.

Anyway, you know who we are. Let's talk about you. We really want to make this an opportunity to share stories and experiences, frustrations and exhilarations from and for real nurses. Please, let us know how You Got This.