We're on the Road Forward to Solving the Climate Crisis

After years of demanding that world leaders act on the climate crisis, we finally have an international agreement that puts us on the path to a sustainable future: the Paris Agreement. And more than ever before, we have the public behind us, as people around the world have realized that we simply cannot keep burning fossil fuels and ignoring the consequences. But what happens next? How do we turn the agreement's words of commitment into real action?

To help answer that question, today, former US Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project are presenting 24 Hours of Reality: The Road Forward, a 24-hour live broadcast exploring the climate solutions that will bring the Paris Agreement to life. Featuring cultural icons, musicians, thought leaders, and environmental experts, the broadcast captures a world moving ahead after the success of Paris, illustrating how global consensus on climate action is accelerating a transition to clean energy.

The Paris Agreement is the culmination of years of difficult conversations, fearless advocacy, scientific advancement, economic strides, and an exponential increase in support for climate action. But reaching the agreement was always just the first step. In order to stay on the path to a sustainable future, the hard work must continue. There has never been a more critical time for all of us to dig in for the task ahead.

In the coming years, we all must do what we can to build momentum for solving the climate crisis. That means regional and local governments must continue to facilitate transitions to renewable electricity and other low-carbon technologies. Activists must make their voices heard and rally the public around the national initiatives that will allow countries to meet their commitments to reducing emissions. Entrepreneurs must continue to develop new and innovative ways to maximize energy efficiency and increase renewable energy deployment. There are myriad solutions, and 24 Hours of Reality: The Road Forward will look at how they can continue the movement to a low-carbon economy.

Even as we are about to enter a new political world here in the US, I continue to have confidence in our ability to win this fight because of the work of everyday people fighting for a brighter tomorrow. Though our leaders may stumble along the path of environmental progress, it is our job as citizens to keep them moving and keep pushing forward to create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Tune into 24 Hours of Reality: The Road Forward now at https://www.24hoursofreality.org/.