We're Rich: How Gratitude Will Transform the World


Savor it on your tongue.
The sound alone instills satisfaction.
Feel it in your heart.
Notice a soothing warmth wash over you.

Gratitude and plentitude. They're the two ends of the same bone. Combined, they're the marrow of miracles. The structure of success.

When I clear the mental clutter and focus on the present, I'm instantly reminded of how blessed I am.

Look into your own life. If you scrub away the make-up of illusion and impurities of jealousy -- can you see the clarity of grace? Can you understand how treasuring what's right in front of you is worth your time?

Gratitude grounds plentitude in the now. When you honor who you are, what you do, and what you have, your energy will change. You will start to glow. People will be drawn to you because that gratitude glow is rare in our current culture. I'm hoping to bring it back.

It's my desire to kick off a gratitude cascade throughout the world so that we may inspire each other to live our best lives yet.

We're here, each and every one of us, because we have a unique gift to share. It's my wish that we're both bold and humble enough to embody our divine potential.

Imagine where that will take us.