Wesley Teague, Kansas Student, Suspended After Tweeting About High School's Sports Program

This school means business when it comes to its sports.

Heights High School senior Wesley Teague was suspended from school last Friday after tweeting what the school, located in Wichita, Kan., reportedly perceived as a jab at its athletic program and athletes.

Teague, who is the senior class president and a student athlete himself, wrote:

HeightsU is a phrase students use when referring to their school’s athletics, The Wichita Eagle notes. Since the Wichita State University (WSU) football program was disbanded in 1986, Teague’s tweet was perceived to be disrespectful to the school’s athletes. His tweet also elicited responses from several students.

Teague’s tweet led to a confrontation at school, according to KWCH 12. The school subsequently looked into Teague’s post, which they found “very inappropriate,” according to a letter sent to the student’s parents.

The letter explains that as a result of the tweet, Teague was suspended for the remainder of the school year. It reads, in part:

Wesley posted some very inappropriate tweets about the Heights athletic teams, aggressively disrespecting many athletes. After reading the tweets and taking statements from other students it was found that Wesley acted to incite the majority of our Heights athletes.

Teague was initially barred from attending a senior convocation ceremony, where he was supposed to give a speech. Teague will now be able to attend, although he will not be allowed to speak, The Wichita Eagle reports.

He told the Wichita Eagle that he thinks his suspension is unfair and said he didn't meant to offend anyone.

School officials said they suspended Teague for violating its student conduct code, which prohibits cyberbullying, according to KSN-TV.

“The comments got several underclassmen upset, and they wanted to fight him,” USD 259 spokeswoman Susan Arensman told the station. “Some other students were suspended as well for trying to incite a disturbance at school.”

Teague’s family is currently trying to reverse the suspension, the outlet notes.



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