This Is The Greatest Team Celebration You'll See All Year

WARNING: Prepare to have this "Champion" song stuck in your head.

In American sports, we're used to seeing champagne showers, teary-eyed faces of disbelief and raucous, incoherent cheering from our championship athletes. That's a perfectly fine way to celebrate a big win, but the West Indies cricket team, as seen in the video above, just put every team who's ever won anything of importance to shame -- and this was only after winning their semifinal match! 

In Mumbai, India on Thursday, the West Indies defeated favorites India in the second semifinal of the World Twenty20 cricket tournament. The 2012 tournament champions will now play England at Eden Gardens in Kolkata, India on Sunday. 

No, they are not champions yet, but that didn't stop them from celebrating as such. After getting off the bus at the team's hotel, captain Darren Sammy and Dwayne Bravo, who was nominated for a 2015 "Best Play" ESPY for his "Air Jordan" catch, broke out a massive portable speaker and danced their way through the hotel lobby. 

We should note that Bravo is actually known as "DJ Bravo" in reggae music circles and has his own hit song, "Champion," which is amazing for its simplicity. On top of a breezy beat, the word "champion" is just repeated throughout, with lyrics like, "Michael Jordan, Obama, a champion, Mandela, a champion, Serena, a champion." Bravo even shouts out his own West Indies teammates, calling them -- you guessed it -- "champions" in "Champion." 

Here's Sammy and Bravo doing the "Champion" dance -- which you can even do while reading this post and listening to the earworm -- outside of the team bus:

With their teammates trailing behind, they continued to champion-dance their way into the lobby ... 

... Before pausing for a quick bro-on-bro champion-dance moment. This is definitely how you dance with your friends at the club, in one way or another:

Not even hotel security could hold them down:

They're going to obiliterate England on Sunday. 



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