Girl Writes Compassionate Letter To West Virginia Flood Victims

Sometimes simple kindness is exactly what you need.

A heartfelt letter from a girl is a light of compassion in the aftermath of massive floods that devastated West Virginia this month.

“Last night while my wife and I were cooking supper, we missed our daughter,” James Phillips wrote on a Facebook group called Appalachian Americans on Monday. "When we found [her] in the den she was busy writing a letter. We asked her who she was writing to. She told us the people of West Virginia." 

The letter, addressed to “West Virginia families,” reads:

I am so sorry about the flooding. Alot of my family lives there but of what I know they are all fine. I hope you are also doing fine. Try to stay safe please. I saw a picture of Muddy Creek and some of the driveways and road was all washed out. I hope you are doing well and again please stay safe.

Phillips didn’t reply to a request for comment from HuffPost, but his daughter’s letter appears to have touched thousands of people who have shared and “liked” the post.

The flooding — the worst in West Virginia in more than a century — killed at least 24 people and left thousands lacking homes, power or other vital needs.

If, like his daughter, you’re concerned about the people of West Virginia, learn more about how to help flood victims here.