West Virginia University Makes Anti-Couch Burning PSA

An Anti-Couch Burning PSA?

Have you ever been tempted to burn a couch? Get thee behind you satan! That is not what a couch is for!

West Virginia University recently produced an anti-couch burning PSA for all you at-risk couch burners.

"This is a couch," the PSA states. The camera zooms in on a couch in the middle of a football field surrounded by a group of fun-looking students. "It's for sitting and sleeping and losing your remote."

All innocent activities sure. But then the PSA gets dark.

"Burning a couch isn't cool," says a student. "It can cost you a lot more than you think." Such as money!

Although this PSA may seem random, it is actually informed by historical precedent. West Virginia University has a history of burning couches during momentous (or non-momentous) events, but now the administration is cracking down, and students will be slapped a felony arson charge if they indulge in couch-burning this year.

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