The Cast Of 'The West Wing' Reunites And It Feels So Good

The 'West Wing' Cast Reunites And It Feels So Good

If you've been dreaming of a "West Wing" reunion, today is your lucky day.

Former "West Wing" writer Eli Attie took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a picture of most of the cast together again:

Pictured: Joshua Malina, Dule Hill, Richard Schiff, Mary McCormack, Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford and Allison Janney's cool sneakers.

Dule also shared video documentation of the reunion via Instagram, which gets funnier if you think of it not as the actors but as the president, Charlie and Toby:

In Attie's Twitter picture, you'll notice Funny or Die is also tagged, which makes it seem like maybe a video is coming. We'll wait with bated breath until we find out for sure. Also: where in the world is Janel Maloney? ("Donna!!!!")

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