Rob Lowe Would Reunite For New 'West Wing' Episode Written By Aaron Sorkin

Be still, our beating, Oval Office-shaped hearts.

If you're growing tired of the real presidential election going on right now, it may be time to return to the Camelot-esque world of Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing."

The cast of "The West Wing" has had brief scripted reunions in the past, but Rob Lowe is now saying he would be interested in doing a whole new episode. That is, if Aaron Sorkin agreed to come back to write.

Somebody who just finished his other "Jobs" better start writing real fast.

Lowe's interest in a reunion episode, which he has hinted to HuffPost Live before, came about during a Reddit AMA yesterday, when the Sam Seaborn-playing actor responded to the question, "Would you consider doing a 'West Wing' reunion episode or anything like that in the future?"

This follows Elisabeth Moss, who played Zoey Bartlet, telling HuffPost Live earlier this year that she would be interested in a reunion as well.

HuffPost also recently spoke to Dulé Hill, aka Charlie Young, who joked about the possibility of a reboot called "The Kanye West Wing," given West's announcement at the 2015 VMAs that he would be running for election in 2020. 

"Kanye West instead of President Bartlet would be a very different show. But also very entertaining -- I will say that," Hill told HuffPost. Sounds like he's in.

Now fans just need to convince Aaron Sorkin -- who might be in the running for an Academy Award for his new movie, "Steve Jobs" -- Kanye West and the rest of "The West Wing" crew to reunite and then there will be a brand new episode. 

If we all go on a walk and talk about this, I'm sure we'll find a way. 

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