Westboro Baptist Church 'Obama Antichrist' Inauguration Protest Fails

Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest Obama's second inauguration today, but their signs outnumbered the people holding them.

After receiving a permit to protest the event, the controversial group issued a statement with plans to picket the "coming out party (inauguration) of the beast President Barack Obama."

The small group of around seven protestors camped out this morning, penned in a gated area.

Westboro protestors picketed with signs reading "Antichrist Obama", "Fags Are Worthy Of Death" and "God H8s Fags" and stood on American and rainbow flags, The Washington Post reported.

As the morning progressed their camp did not expand, though they continued to march, signs in hand. Despite low turn out, church leader Margie Phelps tweeted:

While crowds cheered when Obama addressed the issue of same-sex marriage in his inaugural address, Westboro protestors continued to denounce him. Phelps later tweeted:



A Nation United Against Westboro