Westboro Baptist Church Files Brief Against Challenge To Kansas' Gay Marriage Ban

Westboro Members Aim To Take Their Anti-Gay Crusade To Court

The Westboro Baptist Church is hoping to take its long-standing crusade against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to court.

Members of the church, which is known for its anti-LGBT stance, filed a 22-page legal brief Oct. 26 against the ongoing legal challenge against same-sex marriage in the state of Kansas, Washington Blade's Chris Johnson reported.

The brief, which can be read in full here, condemns same-sex marriage as "utterly contrary to Bible doctrine" and an issue that will "destroy Kansas," reads as follows:

Today the number one moral issue facing this nation is same sex marriage. WBC has a vital interest in what the courts rule regarding this issue, as it directly impacts their religious practices, beliefs, preachments, picketing, association and speech, as well as the wellbeing of their fellow man..

Claiming that Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt -- whose office has been arguing against lifting the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage --cannot represent the organization in the lawsuit, the brief continues:

When this nation tampers with marriage as properly defined in the Scriptures, it is tampering with the very symbol of Christ and His Bride, the Church. It is a very serious matter; same-sex marriage is totally contrary to the standard of God. Unquestionably it is best for the health, safety and welfare to follow God’s standard on marriage, and the benefits of a proper scriptural opposite-sex, one-man-one-woman-for-life marriage are enumerable, that being a lovely symbol of Christ and His Bride, and being a great blessing from God.

Head here to read the brief in full.

No word on how Westboro's efforts will proceed just yet, but last week, U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree ruled that Phillip and Sandra Unruh, a heterosexual Kansas couple, had no legal right to join the lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas, the Associated Press reported.

Last month, four members of the Topeka, Kansas-based church brought their "God Hates The Media Tour" to The Huffington Post's offices, carrying signs which read "God hates fags," "Same-sex marriage dooms nations" and "Fag media."

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