Westboro Baptist Church Chased Out Of Moore, Oklahoma

Westboro Baptist Church Defeated By Counter Protest

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church showed up at Central Junior High School in Moore., Okla., on Sunday to picket -- but the people of Moore were not having it.

As the hate group waved their trademark "God Hates Fags" signs in the rain, hundreds of people lined up across the road to stand together against WBC.

Moore was hit by a deadly tornado last year, and the school has been housing Plaza Towers Elementary students since the natural disaster. On their website, WBC explained that they believe the tornado was an example of "God's wrath."

Amanda Eccles said to KFOR-TV, “It’s just sickening. You know, it’s just innocent kids that lost lives and it’s sickening for them to even think that way.”

Though WBC reportedly had a permit to picket for half an hour beginning at 2:00 p.m., they stayed for a mere eight minutes before hastily getting into their cars and driving away when Moore residents began to cross the picket lines. Police intervened to separate the protestors and counter-protestors as the WBC rushed to leave.

The Westboro Baptist Church posted a Vine video afterwards which failed to mention their hasty departure:

A video posted by a counter-protestor shows what really happened:

“I thought it was hilarious. I mean I really did. We sat there and laughed the whole time,” Tina Johnson, a counter-protester, commented. “They were running, yeah.”

Dan Eccles told KFOR, “They shagged tail, got in them cars and was leaving in a hurry. Oh yeah, they was gone!”

Moore Police reported that no one was arrested or taken into custody after the incident. According to KOCO local news, the police said that despite the high amount of tension, the crowd remained "relatively respectful."

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