Westboro Protest No-Shows: 15 Times WBC Bailed On Its Own Picketing Plans (PHOTOS)

The Westboro Baptist Church may be notorious for its vitriolic statements and insensitive protests, but the hate-mongering group has also made a habit of bailing on its own plans to stoke up controversy and grab at media attention.

The quasi-religious organization recently revealed it planned to picket the funerals of the Boston Marathon bombing victims. However, when push came to shove -- and by "shove," we mean threats from hacktivist group Anonymous -- the church was a no-show at the service for victim Krystle Campbell on Monday in Medford, Mass.

How many times has Westboro announced plans to protest, then failed to show up? The answer is quite a few. And that's a good thing.

Take a look through the gallery (below) to see the planned protests where Westboro members never showed up -- from Campbell's funeral to the services of the 2011 Tucson shooting victims.

Where Westboro Has Feared To Tread