Westboro Baptists Owned By Kesha's Dancers (VIDEO)

WATCH: Westboro Baptist Protestors OWNED By Ke$ha's Awesome Backup Dancers

Ke$ha and her backup dancers may have put on their best performance yet as the pop star sent her crew to respond to the Westboro Baptist Church protest that was taking place outside her concert in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Three tank-top clad men showed off their moves as WBC members shouted the lyrics to "God Hates Who U R," an anti-gay parody of Ke$ha's anthem of acceptance "We R Who We R."

The Westboro Baptist protestors didn't seem to quite know how to react, holding up their anti-gay and anti-Obama signs while awkwardly swaying to the auto-tuned beat (lady in the floppy hat, we're looking at you) as the dancers did their thing. Most ineffective protest ever?

Well played, Ke$ha, well played. You've made the world a more accepting, as well as a more glitter-filled, place.

Here's a sample of the sickening lyrics to 'God Hates Who U R." To feel worse about humanity, click the link for the full song:

You think you're superstars

Dear Lord, burn it up!
It's about that time to finish up.
We're so sick of their filthiness.
They makin' it all lascivious.
We're just talkin' truth.
We're tellin' you bout the sins you do.

You're selling your souls, warring on God,
He's slapping you down, smacking you dudes. HARD!

Stops your ears and blinds your eyes,
God takes all your faceless pride,
Looking sick and terrified
You reap what you sow oh oh

Your hearts are turning hard, hard hard hard hard hard
God meant this world as ours ours ours ours ours
He'll tear it all apart
You think you're superstars

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