'Westboro Mingle' Provides Dating Service For Hateful Bigots (VIDEO)

Are you tired of never having a date to bring when picketing soldiers' funerals? Tired of protesting gay rights alone on a Friday night?

It seems like every religious group and subculture has its own dating site these days, except for the one who needs it the most: The Westboro Baptist Church. Considering their absurdly high standards for what they're looking for in a partner -- like hating pretty much everything -- it must be tough for the single Westboro Baptist congregationalist to just have a casual or serious relationship.

But now they can look no further than Westboro Mingle, which sets up hateful bigots with likeminded judgmental monsters! The folks at The Shorts Show have made this mock infomercial of two dead-eyed Westboro members who finally found that special someone with whom they can share a venomous hatred of anyone who doesn't worship the same way they do.



A Nation United Against Westboro