'Westworld' Confirms That Bernard Theory And Gets Even More Disturbing

"What's behind this door?"
Bernard can't believe it, either.
Bernard can't believe it, either.

Warning: Spoilers below for Episode 7 of “Westworld”!

HBO’s new show finally turned into a wild, wild “Westworld,” thanks to a shocking reveal during Sunday’s episode, “Trompe L’Oeil.”

In the episode, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) brings Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) into the park to Sector 17, where Ford keeps his unregistered hosts. He needs to show her something.

Theresa says, “Should we bring security?” And Bernard is all like, “Nah. We’re cool.”

"I got you, boo."
"I got you, boo."

But they weren’t cool.

In the Sector 17 house where Bernard had previously encountered a few old robotic hosts, Theresa notices a door Bernard can’t see.

“What’s behind this door?” she asks.

“What door?” says Bernard.

(Oh, shiz.)

The door leads to a “remote diagnostic facility,” aka an apparently secret workshop where Ford can create hosts. Then, Theresa comes across the written plans that drop the truth bomb:


Ford (Anthony Hopkins) shows up and is all like, “Yeah, my dude Bernard is a robot.”

(These might not be exact quotes.)

Ford orders Bernard to kill Theresa because she was trying to oust him from the park, and that’s a wrap for everyone’s favorite head of quality assurance.

She dead.


Now “Westworld” might get even crazier.

First, this revelation about Bernard lends credence to the theory that he is also a host made in the image of Ford’s former partner, Arnold. Since Bernard couldn’t see the door until Theresa found it ― and we couldn’t see it, either ― it’s clear he’s an unreliable narrator and we can’t trust anything presented from his point of view.

That means we should question the picture of Arnold that Ford showed Bernard:

In an earlier episode, Ford hands the picture to Bernard, and we’re led to believe Arnold is there. But, when you see it, it’s only Ford and a guy who looks like the host created in Ford’s dad’s image. (He could actually be Ford’s real, human father.) Then there’s a weird blank space on the side.

For weeks, Reddit has speculated that the space may be blank because it shows Arnold. Since Bernard is possibly made in Arnold’s image, perhaps he can’t see what’s there.

Now, the even more disturbing part: Is Ford going to make a replacement Theresa?

Ford is already making a host when Theresa and Bernard stumble across the workshop. It’d make sense if it turned out to be a replacement Theresa to cover things up. Plus, in a previous episode, Bernard commented on Theresa’s facial expressions. Perhaps he was studying them so Ford could create a future replacement.

What’s even more perplexing is the preview for next Sunday’s episode. In it, we see Ford seemingly covering up Theresa’s body in front of security chief Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), Delos Destinations’ top board member.

If that is Theresa, as Reddit user hijimmylin points out, this could mean Ford is not replacing her with a robot. Or maybe it means that Stubbs and Hale are robots, too, and Ford doesn’t care if they know.

What do y’all think? It doesn’t really look like anything to us.

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