'Westworld' Teaser Makes Trump's Impeachment Part Of The Show

The notoriously secretive show makes a huuuge revelation about the president.

Westworld” is a show with a reputation for being confusing, to the point where even the actors have “no idea” what’s going on. But there’s no mistaking one point in the new teaser: Donald Trump’s presidency puts us on the path to the robot apocalypse.

The new video, announcing the Season 3 premiere date of March 15, finally confirms the “Westworld” timeline by introducing the huuuge events that inevitably lead to Evan Rachel Wood-looking robots taking over the world.

It starts with two real-world events: the Hong Kong protests on June 12 and Trump’s impeachment on Dec. 18.

Then it gets into events that haven’t happened, including ecological collapse in Indonesia on May 20, 2020; the assassination of the U.S. president-elect in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2024; and a thermonuclear incident in Paris in 2025.

The video then gives more cryptic items: On April 17, 2039, the “system” was initiated and on Feb. 27, 2058, there was a “critical event,” which remains unclear but likely has something to do with Dolores (Wood) and the robot uprising.

Up until this video, there was very little known about the “Westworld” universe’s timeline. The show’s creators, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, have been notoriously cryptic throughout the series’ run, avoiding any concrete answers about Season 3 at 2019 Comic-Con and even Rickrolling viewers rather than give away secrets in Season 2. What was known was often pieced together by internet sleuths or meticulously compiled by journalists.

The Trump administration is repeatedly brought up in connection with the dystopia of “Westworld.” In 2018, when asked why dystopian stories like “Westworld” were so popular, Jeffrey Wright cited the “the current leadership in the country and the current dialogue.” However, Trump’s influence so far has mostly been conjecture. Now, it’s canon. The Trump administration is part of the timeline that leads to the robot apocalypse.

Who would’ve thought?

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