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Wet Seal's 'Your Single Tunic': Atrocious Grammar Mistakes In For Spring (PHOTO)

Ah, Wet Seal. We haven't thought about that store since we were in seventh grade. And back then, we still practiced better grammar than some of the chain's designers, apparently.

Presenting the "Your Single Tunic," which reads, "If Your Single, So Am I." We cringed as we were typing that.

The best part, aside from the $16.80 price tag to be a walking typo? According to one of the commenters on Reddit:

My girlfriend is a manager at one of they're stores. She sent the box of these they got back, saying their mis-printed. They sent them back to her store, and were pissed off that she didn't put them out on the floor when she was supposed to. I think its supposed to be that way, god knows why.

Not like that guy knows the difference between their and they're or its and it's, but hey -- maybe he's been getting some sort of friends and family discount.