A Bag Of Wet Socks Is Apparently Living In The White House Press Briefing Room

"The formerly wet bag of socks... has become crusty," tweeted a reporter who thrice spotted the socks.

A mysterious bag of socks ― of an unknown degree of dampness ― has been reportedly wandering around the White House press briefing room.

Saagar Enjeti, whose Twitter handle is @esaagar, is a White House correspondent for The Daily Caller, and he tweeted an image of the socks on May 17. 

The socks appeared dirty and enclosed in a plastic baggy.

Five days later, Enjeti was back in the briefing room and shared another snapshot of the socks. While the location of the socks in the room had shifted the second time around, they remained sealed what appeared to be the original bag.

Enjeti’s third spotting of the socks came a full week after the first, on May 24. The formerly “wet” socks were reportedly now “crusty.” 

The White House did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment on the sock saga. 

Social media, however, has offered all the comments about the socks:

Enjeti told HuffPost via a Twitter direct message he had “absolutely no clue” who the socks belonged to, but that he did notice them on a day when it was pouring rain ― which would likely explain the wetness. 

He also told us that “nobody who sits or stands around that area” of the briefing room “has any idea either” of where the socks came from.

“I’m not at the White House today because POTUS is traveling, but I will check on them Monday and tweet an update,” said Enjeti.

Clearly, this is a developing story. 

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