President Donald Trump: How George W. Bush Paved The Way

It seems that once again American voters were fucked by the long wang of America: Florida. The 45th President of the United States is officially Donald Trump. Despite rampant misogyny, sexism, xenophobia, racism, and lying the big, orange, walking venereal disease won, and he won "big league". It's all been said, but nobody cared about any of his terrible qualities. Instead Americans were blinded by his promise of building a better tomorrow.

It seems that we've forgotten what it was like to have a bad president. One that isn't supported by the collective majority of the country but instead is mocked for the duration of their candidacy. It may be funny to look back on Bush's idiotic antics, but the reality of his term as President was nothing to laugh about. George W. Bush gave rise to a Donald Trump presidency. The Bush campaign appealed to an uneducated majority with the ideals of a trailblazing cowboy. He was the everyman that people could relate to on the most basic of levels. His small vocabulary and love for ten-gallon hats made him seem like a genuine dude who stood for the ideals of the people. It's the cavalier attitude that paved the way for the war in Iraq by building out a macho foreign policy of attack first, think later.

Think later was part of the mindset that led to the complete collapse of the American housing market. The housing market was built off of frail mortgages that inflated the worth of the American market without any attention to the actual guts of the economy. The attitude was Republicans are inherently good with money. The attitude was to worry about the details later.

This was the same type of approach that came with accusing Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction. It was a guess at best that lead to a multi-year war on terror that is still being fought. The war that set the stage for insurgent groups like ISIS taking power and the war that we're still dealing with today.

To add insult to injury, during his time as President, George W. Bush escalated the war on drugs by incarcerating minorities at record rates. A hard stance on immigrants and minorities is a policy Trump has made no secret of hiding. He began an era of over spending and war profiteering that led America into a spiraling deficit that we're still recovering from. It's basically Trumped up, trickle down economics.

Worse yet, the Bush administration watched as millions of Americans suffered under the crushing debt incurred by the American health care system that led to the great recession of 2007. Trump has been incredibly vocal about his intentions to repeal Obamacare, which is the only hope of affordable health care for many Americans.

After years of an educated career politician leading in the white house with the Obama administration, people got tired of the "lack" of promised change and elected President Donald Trump. Along comes a leader who has championed a vague sense of change in the opposite direction without any factual backing. President Trump spun the numbers to make Obama look like a failure, and the American people ate it up because it was coming from the big mouth of "real American", yet again. The difference is this time the hero had no political experience. Yet, this is exactly what appealed to the majority of Americans. We had eight years of a President elected on a platform of change, and now that Washington is "broken" from that change, we've got a President who's ready to "drain the swamp" - whatever the fuck that means. And the harsh truth is that Trump is not the everyman. He's from a rich and entitled family, who knows nothing about the struggles of the average American.

A reality television star is now the President of the United States and we're left to repeat our past mistakes. We're charging blind into the future without much concern and frankly we should be concerned, we should be really fucking concerned.

Sorry folks, we just schlonged ourselves.