We've Broken Down Your Entire Life Into Years Spent Doing Tasks

You spend 33 years of your life in bed.

When you're young the life that lays before you has seemingly endless possibilities. You don't yet know what you'll do, who you'll be, where life will take you.

Though, thanks to statistics, we can roughly predict how it will play out. Sure, we can't predict how your career path will unfold but we can tell you, on average, how much time you'll spend doing everyday tasks.

The average human spends just under 80 years on earth, so let's start with that number. Of those years, a mind blowing 26 years will be spent sleeping... but what's more surprising is that an additional seven years will be spend trying to get to sleep!

You'll spend just over 13 years of your life at work with an extra year on top in unpaid overtime. You'll also spend more than 11 years looking at screens -- yep, let that sink in.

Though it's not all work and no play. On average we humans spend just over a year on romance (which includes buying flowers and going on dates but mostly includes nookie). We also spend four and a half years eating. Mmmm, food.

For more stats on how we spend our time on the planet, check out the below infographic. It also offers handy tips about how to better improve the time you're dedicating to each task.

Infographic by dreams.co.uk

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