We've Had Enough!

We've had enough!

As a former NYPD Chaplain for 21 years, who served on the frontlines of 9/11, I sincerely express my condolences to the Holder Family and the entire NYPD family for the loss of Officer Randolph Holder.

As a faith leader, I have consoled too many grieving families, and have been to too many funerals honoring those lost to this senseless, unnecessary violence due to guns. There are no "safe zones" any more.

Nine men and women at a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina; Nine men and women at Umpqua Community College; Carey Gabay, aide to Governor Cuomo, at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn; and this week, Harlem's own Officer Holder, a third-generation police officer, slain protecting his community.

These are just some of the countless, senseless deaths caused by gun violence. The handgun problem in America, and now, our community, is out of control.

Nearly 100 Americans are killed by gun violence each day. New York has had nearly 600 shootings just this year.

President Obama has spoken on this and I join him and others in asking, "When will enough be enough?"

I stand with President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leaders to fight the NRA and other gun lobbyists, and close the loopholes in our gun laws that make us less safe.

These times call for more than lip service. This is a war. Let's fight it together.

Suzan Johnson Cook, the 3rd U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom and Founder of the Pro Voice Movement for Women, is a Huffington Post columnist and candidate for New York's 13th Congressional District. She may be reached at suzan@suzanjohnsoncookforcongress.com