We've Reached Our 1 Millionth Donation

One million units donated! What a milestone; and it's all thanks to those who support the mission that soap equals hope.

When SoapBox was founded six years ago it was on the idea of how to help those in need receive basic hygiene tools that are the first line of defense in protecting one's health.

It came down to the nitty gritty, literally. How can we help people get clean and prevent avoidable deaths such as acute respiratory disease and diarrhea?

The simple and second nature, to us, act of washing your hands was the answer. Then the follow-up became, how do we make this sustainable?

Our business model was based on sustainability before we ever fathomed the CPG that we have grown to be. We understood that one-and-done aid drops were never going to be the long-term solution. We searched to find NGO partners around the world that shared our viewpoint of long-term empowerment models, instead of temporary band-aid solutions.

These one million units donated are more than just the soap and water.

We've work with amazing partners like Sundara in India, Health 2 Humanity in Uganda, EcoSoap Bank in Cambodia, Splash in Nepal, and in homeless shelters and food pantries all over the world. Our partners and SoapBox have taught the skills necessary for enterprising entrepreneurs to produce soap on their own and make a living while doing it.


By working with the aid partners that we do, we are able to lend a helping hand in creating jobs for people and make soap a commodity that grows as the population does.

We don't donate to simply find a one-time, quick solution. We donate to create awareness of the importance of personal hygiene and to teach people/provide them with the means to make their own soap so they have more of a supply.

As we grow as a business and our donations increase, we want it to be known that our one millionth unit donated is so much more than a bar of soap.

It is the teaching lessons of proper hygiene techniques, it's the jobs created by starting soap workshops and it is the skills learned to create their own soap that flourish in these areas of need. This is how soap=hope.

This is just the beginning. Our team is quickly trying to reach our next milestone of 2 million units donated... but none of this would have been possible without you. Each and every purchase that our customers make... make this possible! Thank you!

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