WGN Chicago Morning News Anchor Has Meltdown (VIDEO)

We've all lashed out at a co-worker or two, but not many of us have done it on television.

That was the case for Robin Baumgarten, a WGN Chicago morning news anchor, who expressed frustration with co-anchor Larry Potash after he allegedly failed to play a video clip during a newscast. Potash appears to have no clue to what Baumgarten is referring and just sits at the desk as Baumgarten rants. The camera occasionally pans to meteorologist Paul Konrad, who whistles as the banter continues.

Potash eventually walks off camera after declaring that "this is all very fascinating to the viewer at home," but, alas, he returns behind the meteorologist and the green screen to mimic the whining anchor.

Although some viewers suspect the meltdown was staged, the clip certainly merits a few chuckles. Watch the clip below, and decide for yourself.

This isn't the first time WGN creates a buzz on the Web. Last year, the morning duo missed live footage of a bridge implosion as the camera panned to the weather center for an update on the temperature.