These Paddle Boarders May Be Luckier Than The Powerball Winners

"Sup, guys. Pardon my breach."

When you vacation in Hawaii, it's only natural to expect a magical experience.

And sometimes, as this pair of lucky paddle boarders found out, Mother Nature does all the work for you.

Sup guys, pardon my breach.
Sup guys, pardon my breach.
The Reed Family/Beach Activities of Maui

The two paddle boarders were off the west coast of Maui Thursday when a humpback whale breached right in front of them. The area is well known for the presence of whales during the winter months, and a guest at the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas captured the incredible photos from shore.

More than 10,000 whales spend winters in Hawaii for mating and calving season, which means it's not unusual for them to come close to humans in the water. They have been known to swim near whale-watching boats, paddle boards, kayaks, and even divers. It's illegal to approach humpback whales in Hawaiian waters.

Getting a perfectly-framed shot of the encounter is incredibly lucky.

Basically, we're booking tickets to Maui before whale season is over.

The Reed Family/Beach Activities of Maui
The Reed Family/Beach Activities of Maui

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