Whales Almost 'Eat' Divers In Close Encounter Off Coast Of California (VIDEO)

When a group of divers jumped into the water off the coast of central California recently, they probably weren't expecting to get so close to a pair of whales.

In a video of the remarkable encounter, two whales appear to almost "eat" the divers as the marine mammals breach the surface of the water with mouths open wide.

The scene is rather surprising since the whales featured in the video appear to be humpback whales, which are known to feed on plankton and small fish.

Filming from the boat, one of the crew captures the incredibly close call on video as the divers scramble back to the rig to get away from the whales. The video, posted on YouTube Saturday, also includes underwater footage of the moments leading up to the whales' breach when a surge of small fish comes rushing toward the camera.

It's likely that the whales were preparing to consume the school of small fish by swimming toward them with their mouths agape.

As Smithsonian Magazine notes, technically, it is possible for certain whales to swallow humans, however it's highly unlikely.

In 2011, another pair of whales surprised a surfer and kayakers after they nearly landed atop the paddlers in a video filmed by a bystander.

The humpback whale is endangered throughout its range, which includes all major oceans between the equator and subpolar latitudes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.



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