Whales Continue to Disappear and You May Be The Problem

Everyone enjoys looking at cute animals. It has become increasingly popular to visit national animal attractions such as aquariums and even fun and exciting places that make it easy for you to enjoy whale watching in San Diego. Watching whales can become therapeutic in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, many Americans don't have the luxury to enjoy animals such as whales because of the extinction of most of them.

So what exactly is causing the extinction of one of America's most fascinating animals? In many cases, humans are the main cause of this extinction for several reasons:


Chemical pollution is a real thing especially in our oceans. As oil spills and garbage pollutes the ocean it has a direct effect on whale populations. While whales suffer the most intensely due to pollution dolphins also face threats.


Not familiar with overfishing? You may be a part of the problem. Over fishing is when a group of people continue to fish in a certain area even though they know they are causing harm to a certain population of fish. It also impacts many animals' food supply who may often rely on certain mammals as their food sources.


While Construction can be a sign of something new or monumental for whales, it can be a sign of danger. Certain construction projects separate animals and keep them from being able to join with their families. In some cases, some construction scenes also impact food supply.

Whale Hunting

Several countries allow commercial whaling which is essentially hunting. For the most part this practice continues to decline however; there is still known whale hunting in areas that still have populations of whales that exist.


Believe it or not many whales and other fish are often struck by passing boats. The more boaters you have in the water the higher the chances are of one or many being seriously killed.

What other reasons do you think can explain the disappearance of whales