Radio DJ Locks Himself In Studio To Play 'Last Christmas' 24 Times

Joe Kohlhofer played Wham hit on repeat to get listeners in the festive mood.

A radio DJ in Austria went rogue in a bid to get his listeners into the Christmas spirit, locking himself into his studio so he could play a trusted holiday classic on repeat.

Joe Kohlhofer played Wham's 1984 hit "Last Christmas" non-stop for almost two hours, according to the Independent.

He played the catchy tune -- sung by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley -- 24 times during his breakfast show for the Antennae Carinthia station as his co-host Patricia Jordan watched helplessly through the glass partition, reports


Kohlhofer fielded dozens of calls from listeners asking him to stop, according to a video posted to the Antennae Carinthia YouTube channel.

But he only turned off the track when his 4-year-old daughter called in to say she didn't like it, according to Metro. The station says Kohlhofer's stunt wasn't sanctionedDeputy director Tommy Schmid told the Kurier newspaper he would face "consequences," reports NewsTalk.

But Kohlhofer has posted multiple clippings of the media coverage on his Facebook page, saying he felt "proud."

The station has also made the most of his infamy, and covered the incident in great detail on its own website. So it seems unlikely he'll be taken off air anytime soon.

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