What 25 Brides Would Have Done Differently on Their Wedding Day

Ever since I got engaged, wedding planning is constantly on my mind. I still can't help but spend most of my free time getting lost in ideas on Pinterest! It's been specifically hard to narrow my focus when planning. There are SO many things to think about that I tend to get distracted and lose my focus!
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Ever since I got engaged, wedding planning is constantly on my mind. I still can't help but spend most of my free time getting lost in ideas on Pinterest! It's been specifically hard to narrow my focus when planning. There are SO many things to think about that I tend to get distracted and lose my focus!

I started to wonder, what would women do differently if they could do their wedding all over again?

"I would have put more thought into the future when we were deciding our wedding budget. Now that we're married and want to buy a house, we regret spending as much as we did on the wedding.
-Erin, veryerin.com

"I would have had a "first look" moment instead of having the first look be as I came down the aisle. We had lined the aisle with candles and my dress went over every single one. My husband's concerned look was not the romantic/excited first look I had in mind."
-Alysa, alysalovely.com

"I would not have skimped on photography! We hired some photography students, and they were really unprofessional about getting our photos to us. It would have been worth putting out a little bit more money to have really great photos and professional conduct!"
-Katie, alwayskatie.com

"I would have been stricter on who couldn't come so I could have invited others. "
-Joy, fortheloveoftuna.com

"I would have written a list of the people I wanted to get pictures with. Everything is crazy and one big blur on your wedding day. I realized about a month later when we got our photos that I never got a picture alone with my mom. That kills me now!"
-Chelsea, livingthesweetwife.com

"I would have budgeted for hair and makeup to come to us so I could have enjoyed quality time with the bridal party on the morning of the wedding."
-Beckah, resolve-blog.com

"I would have let loose a little more. I would have stressed less about getting dinner started on time and taken more candid pictures with my husband. I also would have danced more instead of worrying about visiting with everyone."
-Brittany, thenestednomad.com

"I would have practiced hairstyle first. I had a friend do it, and she's very talented, but my hair just wasn't what I'd envisioned. I should have scheduled at least one session with her to make sure we got it right."
-Abby, Winsteadwandering.com

"I wish I would have had a wedding video. I wish I could look back on the day without all the crazy madness that is your wedding day.
-Tiffany, tellarmama.com

"If I could do it over again, we would have probably eloped. The only reason we had a traditional wedding was because we knew it meant a lot to our family."
-Samantha, hisendlesslove.com

"I wish I would have spent more intentional time with my bridesmaids and family. We were so busy setting up and decorating all day that I feel like I really missed that part."
-Heather, thedeanslistblog.com

"I wish I would have had a smaller wedding. I was so worried about inviting everyone we knew.... and now many of those people we don't really talk to anymore."
-Jess, beingmrsbeer.com

"Live in the moment of your day. Many brides worry about having that absolutely perfect day (and who would not want that) and miss out on the little moments that are so heart warming and memorable."
-KayNicole, kaynicole.com

"I wish I would have pulled together my bridesmaids more regularly. Taking the time to strengthen your relationship and connection with your girls is something you will never regret during the wedding process."
-Rachel, Green Bay, WI

"My biggest regret was not having a themed wedding. I should have taken more time to think about what I really wanted and made the wedding reflect our personalities."
-Laura, Pound, WI

"I would have done a receiving line! We were suggested to get away just us for a few minutes after but it was so rushed and there were several guests that we never got to say hi to because they had to leave before the reception. I hate that we missed out on that."
-Brandy, asweetaromablog.com

"I would have loved to get a photo with every guest -- in the photo booth or posed with the photographer. There were so many people I didn't get to speak to. It would have been nice to hug every person, even if it was just for a moment."
-Elise, polkadottedbluejay.com/

"I would have created a photo back drop for my guests and done some searching on Pinterest for ideas."
-Samantha, diyjustcuz.com

"Hire a coordinator! Since we had an outdoor wedding that meant we couldn't set anything up beforehand in case it rained the night before. So I was rushing around trying to get stuff set up the day of, and it was hard for me to let people help because I hadn't properly shared all those details beforehand."
-Linda, themurphmans.com

"The lining on my dress was cutting in and bruising me. I do sort of wonder whether I should have tried some other dresses rather than going with my first choice without looking at others."
-Hannah, hannahsays.co.uk

"I would have taken more fun pictures with my wedding party. I also would have taken separate pictures with each of my bridesmaids. Also, a photo booth and maybe karaoke would have also added to the day."
-Tessa, Youmeandchewymakesthree.blogspot.com

"I wish I kept my hair down! I grew it out because I wanted long pretty curls and then it somehow got into my head that I needed to wear it up. I hated it and it's my biggest regret about our wedding pictures!"
-Chelsie, lifewithrosie.com

"One thing I regret was that I bought a dress for $200 and then had alterations done totaling close to $750 -- too much for a dress I didn't love! If I were to do it over, I would've spent a little more money to avoid alterations on a dress I didn't love in the first place.
-Vicki, vickiandjosh.blogspot.com

"Don't ever make an important decision when you are tired, frustrated, and stressed. Wait until you are in a better place emotionally and if you still want to make those changes, then go for it!"
-Tina, Pound, WI

"Eat. Between hugs, tears, pictures and dances I totally forgot to eat dinner."
-Aishah, happilyhitchedmarriages.com

Do you have any advice for future brides? Leave a comment below!


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