What a Dilemma For the Anglican Communion!

Our hearts go out to the leaders of the World Anglican Communion, delightfully named "primates," struggling to avoid a full-blown schism with the U.S. Episcopal Church, while somehow maintaining their obedience to God.

We must be frank, and to quote the frankly-worded communiqué issued the other day by the primates at the end of the conference in Tanzania, "Since the controversial events of 2003 we have faced the reality of increased tension in the life of the Anglican Communion - tension so deep that the fabric of our common life has been torn."

Specifically, the fabric which has been torn is the fabric, usually secured with a zipper, which surrounds the members, that is to say the members of the male members of the Anglican Communities. These members have been discovered now and then in the hands of other members who also have members, causing the grave rift, the torn fabric and perhaps the dreaded schism, if the rebellious members do not "express their regret" for certain ceremonies already performed.

If the blunt language offends, blame the Archbishop of Canterbury, not me. And if the Communiqué is not totally and explicitly clear about God's opinions, let the Archbishop, who is in regular communication with The Almighty, (when The Almighty doesn't have a previously scheduled engagement with the Pope) explain it in the lurid detail it so richly deserves.