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What a <em>Vogue</em> Editor Packs for New York Fashion Week

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by Katherine Bernard

Packing for fashion month is an art: It requires discipline to fit all your necessities in one suitcase as well as the creativity to pack for all conceivable weather conditions and occasions. Finding a balance between chicness and practicality can be tricky, but our editors are seasoned pros. First up are New York Fashion Week essentials for Vogue Contributing Editor Lawren Howell, who travels cross-country from Los Angeles for the shows. Her list is inspiring for any stylish marathon week; she includes the perfect combination of trusty staples (like her favorite Le Labo perfume and Chanel mascara) and fashion statements (like running shoes for day and a new as-yet-unworn Crippen suit). Click through to see Howell's must-haves for attending the shows in New York.

What a Vogue Editor Packs for NYFW