What a Haunted House taught me about embracing my gifts: Interview with Lorena Plæhn

Time to Rise – Ask the Author Series

Lorena Plæhn used to be a project manager, working in the corporate sector. But today, she is a psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and a transformational leader.

This big change in her life came about through a series of ghostly experiences in her family home, and learning that her son had a gift for sensing these spirits.

At first, like most parents, Lorena’s instinct was to protect Charlie by telling him that there were no such things as ghosts. But ten years on, when the ghosts just wouldn’t quit, Lorena had to accept what was and work with it.

Today her life is richer for the experience, and she works in a more spiritual and feelings-based capacity herself. Lorena shares her personal journey in my new book, Time to Rise.

Time to Rise author, Lorena Plæhn
Time to Rise author, Lorena Plæhn

Dr. Andrea – So let’s start off with how you open your story in Time to Rise. You tell us the lady you had hired to cleanse your home, Shannie, commented on the “energies dancing around in your house” – so what exactly did she mean by this?

Lorena – Well we lived in an old farmhouse which I now know has many ghosts attached to it. I had hired Shannie to come and cleanse the house that day. When we have planned something like a ‘party’ as Shannie was describing it, we feel a heightened energy in anticipation of this event. I believe the ghosts were feeling this, and some of them knew we were going to help them. I believe that’s why they came to our house in the first place, and especially because of my son, Charlie.

Dr. Andrea – So up to this point, had you seen the ghosts or felt a presence?

Lorena – I had felt their presence and we knew the former owner of the farmhouse had killed himself. So we knew his energy was there. But ever since we moved in there, our son had been uncomfortable being there on his own.

My husband feels and sees more than I do in terms of spirits, so he was more occupied with this than I was at first.

Dr. Andrea – Can you tell us about the experience your son, Charlie, had, and when it all started for him?

Lorena – It started from moving in there, when Charlie was a year and a half. He wouldn’t want to be alone in his own room. He wouldn’t sleep in there; as soon as it was dark he was uncomfortable. Then later my husband noticed the entities in the house, and then finally I did too.

We also noticed this energy and activity increased with Charlie’s age. And over the years we had several people come in and try to cleanse the house, but with no success. We didn’t find Shannie and make real progress until Charlie was eleven years old.

Dr. Andrea – Oh my goodness – Charlie dealt with this for ten years! During that time did he see any ghosts? How did he describe it to you?

Lorena – So he didn’t actually ‘see’ anybody. He said he felt like a presence was always near him, trying to make contact. But he also felt that they didn’t mean to harm him, and so he wasn’t afraid of them, it was just that after dark the feelings would freak him out. He didn’t really know what to do or what to say to them.

Dr. Andrea – And you didn’t know what to do either, right?

Lorena – No, exactly. In the beginning we used to ask, “are you sure about this?” We would try to tell him that ‘ghosts’ don’t exist, but the energy just felt different in the new house. It’s not ghosts, it’s just the different sights and sounds of the countryside.

We reasoned that we could keep him safe by saying there was nothing to worry about. But as much as we tried to deny the ghosts, it didn’t stop.

Dr. Andrea – And so when Shannie got involved, what happened then?

Lorena – Shannie came with her assistant, Athena. And Athena on arriving, straight away asked, “Do you often lose belongings?”

And I said, “No, almost never.” And Tina said that the spirits were looking after the house and were very powerful – and there were animal spirits too, not just humans. After walking around the house and talking to Shannie and Athena for while, they suggested that I sit Charlie down and let him know that he had been right all along about the house having spirits.

So I did, and I asked Charlie for forgiveness for not believing him at first. It was a moment I will never forget. Seeing the relief flush through him at finally being believed and understood – I felt so, so bad that he’d felt ‘wrong’ for all that time.

Dr. Andrea – I feel the weight of that, as a parent, I really do. So, what exactly was the process to cleanse your home and allow the spirits to move on?

Lorena – Shannie and Athena used white sage and an oil of some kind, and they moved around the house addressing all the spirits that were there and speaking with them. They asked them why they were there and then moved them out of the house, outside and then off somewhere else.

When they finished, Shannie and Athena told us that the house was built where an old road used to be, many years back, and this had something to do with the spirit traffic. So they finished off with a protective ritual.

Some months later, Shannie came back to check on the house and to make sure no more ghosts had moved in since the clearing. She gave me the ‘spiritual key’ to the house and told me that I would be the one to decide who could and couldn’t come into the house.

At first I was puzzled and didn’t really understand. But a time has passed the meaning of that key has really become clear to me. To this day, I decide on what energy will be in my house. I have the control now.

Dr. Andrea – I absolutely love the ending to your Time to Rise story, particularly considering your background. You came from the corporate world; a very ‘head oriented’ and formal place. To be where you are today; working with energies and helping people, it is really is quite a transition!

So tell me about how this experience with the energies and ghosts in your home led to your career change.

Lorena – After this experience with the house, and how I had felt after telling Charlie that he was right about the ghosts, I let him work with Shani and test his skills.

I started educating myself with Shannie’s help, then I took a course on spiritual mentorship. It’s been a lot of work, mostly on myself!

Dr. Andrea – And how is Charlie’s life now?

Lorena – He’s 19 now. When he was younger he wanted to shut off his spiritual gifts, but as he got older he has opened up more and more to this side of life.

Today, he is using his gifts, and he knows that at some point he will be doing some good in the world with his gifts. But right now he is concentrating on being a young guy. He is training as a blacksmith.

Dr. Andrea – And this is the same for you, is that right? You’ve embraced living your truth, and using the lessons from what you learned with your son, and helping others in a similar way.

Lorena – Yes, that’s right. We have a small charity program within my business where I’m currently helping ten young people who can’t afford to fund their own spiritual training. And some of them are very gifted indeed!

I think that a lot of us are caught up in other people’s opinions. We are all told to follow a path; go to school, get married…. Then when we grow up and are not being seen as the individuals that we are, it is so unhealthy for us. So we stuff our feelings into a drawer. But if you don’t honor your soul, eventually the energy will get out and say, “Hey, I need to be listened to!”

I think a lot of sickness and stress comes from not listening to our own inner guidance. So I work with people to have them taking responsibility for their own choices, and checking in to make sure that their choices really are theirs.

Dr. Andrea – Understanding that decision point is so essential. I love that. And you also like to teach people about the energy work required for manifesting and working with the law of attraction. So what can you tell me about that?

Lorena – I’m very aware of my energy. So when I’m stuck on something I contact a mentor of mine for an energy clearing. I use these a lot. When I hear from clients that they have taken responsibility for their results, but still get the same every time, I suggest this for them too. And we have energy on a soul level from our ancestors that isn’t even ours. So check in and ask yourself’ “is this block all mine?”

And if it is, then move on and forgive yourself! It’s not about being ‘guilty’. If you can’t manifest what you need, don’t try to do it all alone, go and get help. Your responsibility is to be the best version of yourself – and sometimes that means asking for help.

If you would like to learn more about Lorena, visit her website at http://www.lorenasuniverse.com/

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