What A Man Desires From Love

What does a man really want from love?
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What does a man really want from love?


It makes us feel like a superhero.


Adoration. Superhero. Validation. Those are three key words you're going to get to know very well throughout this post.

What does a man desire from love? What gets him off? What makes him feel emotionally fulfilled?

I'm not even going to go down the sexual road right now, there's no reason for it.

Sure, making a man feel like he's the best lover you've ever had is something that's extremely important for him to think, believe and feel from you. But sometimes he's not. Sometimes, you need to train him in order to get you to that place sexually.

But how do you make a man fall in love with you in the beginning? How do you get a man to really come after you?

How do you get a guy to drop his rotation of women? How do you get a guy to drop the younger woman for the more age appropriate woman that you are?

It's really simple. Make him feel invincible. Make him feel like he's a superhero. Give him the words of admiration he so desperately desires from a woman so he can be the most powerful version of himself.

When a man is inspired by a woman, when he meets a woman who truly inspires him on every level, he's open to conversation. He's open to life. He's open to everything.

All of a sudden, he feels like he can take over the world because he has his queen by his side.

Words of admiration. There's not one man that I know who does not want to hear words of admiration from the woman he's interested in.

Personally, it makes me melt when I hear words like, I've never met somebody quite like you. Or, oh my god, you're brilliant.

When I hear words like, you're an amazing guy, I just love being around you, you're so interesting to talk to, it goes directly to the core of who I am as a man.

Simple sentences. Simple words.

It makes me want to stop whatever I'm doing and get to know her so much more. It brings out the superhero in me.

I want to care, nurture, hold, protect and honor this beautiful woman in front of me.

I want to make love to her, although not right at that moment. I want to enjoy the verbal love making that's going on in that moment. To me, and to so many men, that is what makes me want a woman.

Men want a woman who supports them.

Every man out there has been in a relationship with a woman who has busted his balls and micro managed him to death.

Every man has been down that road. He might've been down that road with his mother, or a girlfriend, or a wife. Who knows. But no man wants to go down that road again.

A lot of men have had unhealthy relationships with their mother. Their mother adored them and put them on a pedestal, in an unhealthy way. So there was this unhealthy mommy / little boy relationship.

If you think about the way people are wired, a woman wants to marry a father figure who makes them feel like a princess. A man wants to marry a mother figure who makes him feel like a king.

It goes back to the roles we are playing out. Primal roles that have been around since we were cavemen, and through medieval times.

What does a man desire from love? Do you want a man? Do you like a man? Do you want a man to fall in love with you and become your superhero?

Words of validation will literally stop him in his tracks.

Authentic words of validation will make him stop everything he's doing. Giving him emotional support through words will make him want to be with you and protect you forever.

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