What A Month!

Normally when someone makes a statement like, “What a month,” it’s because there have been some incredible accomplishments that have occurred in the past four weeks.

Sadly, that’s not what I mean this time around by “What a month.”

What a month! It’s been one of the worst months on record for our society, from my point of view.

At a time when I feel like our society and our culture should be moving forward, the events of the last few weeks have left me feeling helpless, insecure, demoralized, and devastated. I feel like we are rapidly moving backwards to a time of great suffering. We are suffering.

Innocent people have been killed no only for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but just for being who they are. Who ever they are. Who ever we are. Each person that has been harmed is one of us, because it could be us. At any time.

This terror, and I use that word purposefully not just to mean terrorism, has never hit closer to home. And it’s terrifying. But we are not supporting each other in this horrific time.

Just as unsettling is all the social media hatred and relentless media coverage that is getting spewed as a result. Or as a consequence. Or perhaps even as a cause. It’s all so confusing I’m not sure which way is up. The election cycle is certainly not helping, although in theory it should. Where are the solutions to all of this?

We’re suffering and we’re making each other miserable rather than supporting each other in a time of great need. Hate breeds more hate which breeds hateful behavior. It’s a vicious circle and I hate it. And there’s plenty of people reporting it.

There’s no way to enjoy social media any more, and I’m feeling like I don’t want to participate. Social media was meant to connect us, to celebrate us, and to allow us to enjoy each other. Not just endlessly vent at each other. It’s meant to bring us together, not tear us apart.

But lately it’s been just one hateful post after another laying blame on someone else. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect and expect divergent opinions…it’s the stuff that helps us grow together as a culture. But it’s all in how we debate and then how we decide to move forward.

We’re debating who should get a parade and who matters more and who’s more corrupt. It was bad enough when it was just politics, but now it’s gotten to unprecedented levels with so many issues cascading on top of one another and everyone just shouting at each other. The issues are merging and I’m not sure we even know where the spew is directed or where it’s coming from. It’s a mess, and it’s making our culture a mess. The election is a mess, when it should be bringing clarity.

None of it is solving anything, it’s just spreading more bad feelings and more harm. 

We should each embrace who we are, what we’ve gone through to get here, and what we know we need to change our future. Each of us. All of us. Together. We can disagree, but we should respect and move forward. Not backward.

And then we should have the basic human behavior to embrace that the person next to us has had a different experience. Perhaps one even rougher than our own, dare we ever admit that. In fact that’s likely the case.

So how about a little empathy? If someone wants a hashtag or a movement or even just a moment to share so that they can try to fix their struggle, then let them try. If someone wants to march to bring an issue to light, then let them march. Peacefully, together. In fact, why not march with them, at least in spirit, peacefully together.

We should give each other a hug. For ourselves and our community, no matter what the community. For our greater community.

Anything less than that is just sad. And I’m tired of the banter and the hate and would love to see it all replaced with an embrace. And a solution.

I know I sound naive, but I was actually starting to feel like we were moving in the right direction. And then suddenly we are not.

What a month!

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