WHAT A PICKLE! Man Grows 44-Inch Cucumber

This cuke brings new meaning to the term "vegging out."

An urban gardener in Kelowna, British Columbia could be vegging out with a Guinness World Record soon.

This summer, Daniel Tomelin, 54, found that one of the cucumbers he was growing was an overachiever by any stretch, according to CTV News.

When he measured the colossal cuke, he discovered it was 42.5 inches, beating the current world record of 42.1 inches set in 2011 by Ian Neale of Wales, U.K.

Tomelin filed an application to have his cucumber considered by Guinness. Since that first measurement, Tomelin's giant cucumber has grown to 44.5 inches.

It will take 12 weeks before Tomelin knows whether his vegetable makes the grade, but he has big plans regardless: Turning the cucumber into the world's largest pickle.

Guinness World Records 2014