What A Trump Presidency Would Mean, According To Walter Mercado

"He is a person who believes that money can buy everything."

Apparently, the stars have some very frightening news for America. 

Astrologer and beloved TV personality Walter Mercado recently revealed his predictions for the 2016 presidental election exclusively to People en Español. The 84-year-old Puerto Rican went as far as to create an astrological chart for Donald Trump to predict what could be in store for the United States if the GOP nominee were to become the next U.S. president. 

“I did a chart about what I saw in the future and present of that monster, that backwards person that could lead not only the United States, but the world, to total destruction,” he told the Spanish-language site. “He doesn’t have political knowledge or any type of diplomacy. He is a person who believes that money can buy everything and he believes that it can buy the conscience of all humanity. A conscience can’t be bought with all this insulting and offensive dialogue towards the human race.” 

Clearly, Mercado is not a fan of the Donald. And during his election predictions he made it blatantly clear that both he and the stars endorse Hillary Clinton. He even asked fans to support her and vote for her. 

I think Hillary Clinton is the new face of the United States because of the experience she’s not only had but will be able to apply right now in this moment in her life, when there’s a need for feminine energy in the American presidency. Feminine energy is what creates. God, for me, isn’t a man, she’s a woman... I am totally, completely, and absolutely in favor of Hillary, and, astrologically, she is more favorable. God willing, the stars will align so that we will have a [female] president, as it should be.

Mercado first did an astrological reading on Trump in August 2015 when he said the business man and reality star’s political prospects looked “slim.” 

“Becoming president of the most important nation in the world will diminish once the nation discovers his egocentrism, xenophobia… and his lack of knowledge,” he said at the time.

But the astrologer’s predictions haven’t exactly come true. Trump accepted his party’s nomination last week at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. But maybe the second time's the charm, Walter?  



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