What America Can Learn From The Purge

The film "The Purge" is a movie that is centered around one thematic thrust. This is that the world stops for a day and everyone is supposed to purge themselves of their hate for others. Thus, for twelve hours all crime is legal. The government goes on lockdown and all first responders cannot be active in any matter. All emergency services are suspended, perfectly allowing citizens to vent their negative emotions. During this period of time (2022), poverty is worse than it is now and the world is in a much worse place. It is this effort that is in place to maintain low crime and unemployment rates throughout the year. The rules that are in place are: "level 10" government officials must remain unharmed and usage of weaponry about "class 4" is forbidden. The movie starts in a wealthy neighborhood and it makes the watchers believe that the poor will die and the rich will live because the rich can arm their houses with the best that alarm systems have to offer.

As the movie begins in a rich neighborhood, James Sandin is one who sells top-notch home security systems with security cameras and metallic walls preventing people from getting in. These systems are made for the purge. One of his neighbors told his wife that their extension of their house has been financed by the neighbors. There seem to be animosity towards the Sandin's because they were successful at the neighbor's expenses. The purge begins after an emergency broadcast on television. After a while, Charlie, James' son, is left in the lounge where the controls are for the alarm system and he notices a bloody stranger, Edwin Hodge, outside of the house pleading for help. Charlie deactivates the security system and let's Edwin, who is Black, in the home. The stranger gets into the house after a scuffle with James and is held at gunpoint. James' daughter boyfriend shoots at James and James kills him. The stranger escapes into the house. James commences a search for the stranger.

Later, people arrive in masks wanting the black man who is lost in their home. The leader says that the want the stranger or they will disarm the system and kill everyone inside. These group of people appear to be young nerds that know exactly how to disarm the system. Charlie finds the stranger with his toy that has a camera and leads him to his secret hiding place. James catches up with the stranger and ties him up. After such, the stranger tells James, "Throw me outside and save your family."

The Sandins realize that they would be wrong for what they did. Therefore, the people outside successfully break into the house and are forced to defend themselves. This begins a shootout between their family and the outsiders. The neighbors arrive and finish off the remaining purgers and announce that they want to kill the Sandins. Just as they begin to kill them, the bloody stranger arrives to save the day. He kills one of them and threatens to kill the rest if they don't let the family go. The wife decides to wait til the end of the purge and not kill the other neighbors. The only thing that the watchers know is that this will happen again next year.

The bloody stranger certainly represents people who are less fortunate. The less fortunate are willing to take the torture of the world to save others. They are beaten, look down upon and poor but; at best, a leader is thrown to the hands of the oppressor to die for others. The bloody stranger, Edwin, endeavored in a courageous act that warrants an applaud. His sacrifice was nothing short of excellent and what humanity needs. The only thing that remains is that this purge will happen again the next year (according to the movie). This purge is inevitable. The family must prepare better for this purge by making new alarm systems to fight the oppressor. The family must prepare to defend the poor if they come knocking. The family must get ready for the next purge.

Maybe, that is our call today. We must get ready for the next purge in America. Daily, America oppresses the poor in many ways. America takes their hate out on the lives of the innocent. Although, it may not be violent, it is evident and it is unacceptable. William Sloane Coffin said, "Poverty is violence in slow motion." Many poor persons are unfairly oppressed under purges of all kinds and it is up to us to properly prepare for it. Moreover, it is up to us to stand against the government and tell them that purges of many kinds are wrong. You don't get rid of hate by violence but, a true purge should manifest in our actions towards those who are less fortunate than us.