This Is What Chicken McNuggets Are Made Of, According To McDonald's

Watch at your own risk.

It's something you've probably wondered far too often when chowing down on McDonald's Chicken Nuggets -- what are these actually made of? Is there even chicken in here?

According to McDonald's, the answer is still yes, as stated in yet another video in the fast-food chain's transparency campaign. In the new video, similar to the one on how McRibs are made, "How It's Made" host Grant Imahara ventures to Tyson Foods in Tennessee to get the inside scoop for viewers.

The video touches on some pretty tough subjects, like those nasty pink slime accusations McDonald's faced in 2012, and Imahara's nearly perfect description of how people think Chicken Nuggets are made: "People think that you just come to this giant factory, you have a bin of chickens that you just put into a grinder, you grind 'em up and you pour that into a mold, [squeezing noise] and that's what you use to make a Chicken McNugget."

Here are some important moments in the video:

1. Shots of the workers slicing up chicken

2. When we saw something that looked like pink slime

3. When we met "the machine that combines all of the ingredients together"

4. This comparison of pink slime to the final products

5. Seeing nuggets get breaded and battered

6. Getting a final look at the nuggets before they get flash frozen

7. When Imahara grinned like the world's greatest mystery had been solved

Though we applaud McDonald's for trying to be transparent and promoting their nuggets as natural -- we can't help but be skeptical of this video (also suspiciously released the day we learned of more declining sales for the brand). We're still not quite convinced of Imahara's enthusiasm or the chicken wisdom that's being fed to us. Maybe next time, Mickey D's?

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